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Breaking barriers (passing over borders)

Youth in Action

Brake the barriers of yours, cross your limits Brake your barriers thats the headline and the motto of the youth exchange that took place in Fethiye, Turkey from 17th to 24th of October, 2009.

Where is Fethiye situated? South-east of Izmir, 7 hours by bus, on the shoreline of Mediterranean sea. You can travel from Istanbul the ride is around 12 hours. It is a popular turkish resort, especially attractive for the british tourists. We may say that the appearance of the town is influenced by the visitors very much. As a resort town its quite big 68, 000 residents. The nature is magnificent mountains and sea. You will travel to Fethiye along wide and smooth tarmac wherever your starting point is. This specific part of Turkey resembles in a significant degree to european surroundings.

Who were the people that organize that? Non-disabled Life Youth Group from Turkey, sponsored by the EU program Youth in action. Trainer was Eylem Ilmaz, experienced in working with disabled children. About the whole organized event you can say one word perfect. Our hosts had taken it very seriously, responsibly, with willingness and energy.

Who were the participants? 20 people from 7 countries Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Spain and Turkey. The participants from Turkey were part of the organizers, of course.

What had happened? In 30 hours the participants developed empathy towards people with disabilities supported by the techniques of creative drama. It consisted of exercises for speed, dexterity, creativity, trust, team work, also dance and pantomime back up. Each exercise was focused on the people with disabilities and the attitude of the society towards them, also the feelings of their relatives, in some tasks put out straight, in other not so direct. Everyone of us had the opportunity to feel and live by things that he cannot reach by reading or listening about the different disabilities. After each part of the training there was analysis special time for sharing how we felt, what we became aware of, balance of the day. These 30 hours were very intense and emotionally impregnated.

What more? Workshop on stop-motion and short movies, shooting of a short movie, lead by the other trainer of the course Murat Yilmaz. We were acquainted with the legislation in the different countries concerning the integration of the people with disabilities. Cultural exchange nights that every country was introduced, boat trip and thousand of unforgettable moments.

May be all of these were the reasons for the hard parting and the enormous desire for a reunion.