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Movable barres – music & dance in offender learning

Life Long Learning Program, action Leonardo da Vinci

October 2007 – September 2010

Coordinator: City College Manchester, UK

Final products/Results


Whilst numerous instances of the use of visual art, drama & even video in prison education have been identified by PAN European & The Will to Dream, there are few examples in the areas of music & dance. Yet many PAN & Will to Dream partners identify these art forms as having great potential in the rehabilitation of offenders, despite their sad neglect in most European countries. A few examples of music in prisons in Ireland, the Netherlands & Greece, highlighted on the PAN website, indicate the enormous potential in this area, although the lack of information on dance & from the ‘new’ EU member countries clearly reflect a need for a specific project, focused on promoting music & dance in European prison education as a whole.


The project will address & start to overcome the key issues raised above:
  • To remedy the lack of employment of music and particularly dance in prison education;
  • To redress in particular the limited use of these art-forms in many European countries;
  • To supply specific material to encourage & support prison teachers in introducing music & dance;
  • To promote the involvement of professional practitioners in music/ dance education in European prisons;
  • To raise awareness of the wide range of applications & impacts that music & dance can have in offender learning;
  • To identify the diversity & range of music & dance in European culture.

  • Final Products/Results

    1. The Practical Teaching Model covering 3 key aspects concerned with prison education: Music, Dance, Combined.
    2. Examples of Best Practice & Innovation.
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