Integra supports the initiative "A lesson of cuddling" of the organisation "Hope for us 2008"

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  • Barres: Movable barres – music & dance in offender learning.More...

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    • Das Schloss von Herrn Wittgenstein
      Vernissage 13 Dezember, Donnerstag, 18:30 More...

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    • The value of diversity in our cultural heritage More...

    Brief overview

       Integra® Art is a non-profit organisation concerned with education, qualification and training, designed to improve the access, quality and efficiency of interpersonal and institutional communication through the means of expression of arts and culture.

    Integra® Art provides support to community services aimed at:

    • personal, social and creative realisation of children, teenagers and adults through art and the interaction with it;
    • consolidate the national values and to integrate them with the Balkan, European and international intellectual and cultural values;
    • establish the principles of civil society through the principles of tolerance, pluralism and experimentation in the sphere of art and culture.

    Integra® Art is concerned with:

    • initiation, preparation, participation and support of activities, projects and initiatives on national as well as on international and European level, aimed at equal access to education, creative process and the works of art and culture for all social strata regardless of sex, age, ethnic identity and financial condition;
    • free and accessible to all distribution of the qualitative and aesthetic works of art and culture;
    • interdisciplinary approach towards artistic projects in the sphere of contemporary performance and visual arts, the cinema, music, literature, as well as the related (Web) design, architecture, photography, performance, fashion, etc.
    • cooperation for development, realisation and carrying out of projects in the sphere of popular, elite and experimental art, intellectual and aesthetic culture, as well as in the sphere of education, professional development and science by means of art, aimed at assisting personal realization, social adaptation and integration;
    • cooperation for the Bulgarian adaptation to European and international requirements and standards by participation in international, European, regional, Balkan and other artistic and cultural initiatives, forums and programs.

    Activity areas:

    • production and co-production of individual and group artistic projects;
    • organization of exhibitions, presentations, plenary meetings, festivals, debates, discussions, operative meetings, seminars, round tables, conferences, lectures and forums;
    • collection and distribution of information in the sphere of arts, culture and social needs, and connected also with the financing programs and activities, being done by Bulgarian, European and international benefactors;
    • scientific publications, popularizing Bulgarian cultural heritage and cultural values.