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    Roza Boyanova


    Born on 06.03.1953 in Rabrovo village, region Vidin.
    Graduated from university of Shumen Konstantin Preslavski in 1976, Shumen, subject: Bulgarian philology.
    A member of the Union of Bulgarian writers, a correspondent of the newspaper The speech today organ of the Union of Bulgarian writers.
    A participant in national and international literary conferences.
    In 1993 in Burgas she founds the literature circle Mythical birds creative writing for children and youth.
    A complier and an editor of 35 books of works of children and debutes of her pupils.
    Lecturer in childrens literature art and creative writing in Free university of Burgas, University of Shumen Konstantin Preslavski, Institute for training of teachers Varna, etc.
    She describes her experience in working with children in the book Literature games with children or Lar pedagogic a study of the creative process of the youngest children (co-author: associate professor Krasimir Kunchev), 1988, publishing house National youth, Sofia, 2006, publishing house Libra scorp, Burgas.
    In 2005 she becomes an originator, organizator and a member of the jury of the International literature competition Art against drugs, which is open for participation for people who are no more than 25 years old.
    At a very early age as a student, she makes her poetical debut in the Native speech magazine.

    Her poems have been published in anthologies, almanacs, and collections.

    Poetry`81 Anthology of the Union of Bulgarian Writers, publishing house Bulgarian writer, Sofia, 1981
    999 lmanac, Writers union, Burgas, 1999
    Goldwave: Literary collection, Shumen (2002-2010)
    Lyric poetry: anthology, NDK, Sofia (2001 2010 .)
    Find: anthology Burgas, Varna, 2000
    Litanies from Gods cornucopia. Bulgarian Poetry from the second half of the twentieth century, publishing house Face, Sofia, 2003

    Poetry, issue 1, 2000., Varna
    Aspiration, issue 12, 2001, Bat, Republic of Macedonia (translation in Macedonian:Petar Petreski);
    Friendship, issue 3, 1980, edition in Bulgarian and Russian
    - Homeland, issue 21, 14.ղ.1984
    Morning star, Gabrovo, 2005-2009
    Expanse Varna,2008
    Burgas, 2009, 2010

    J, , , j, j, 2009
    Her poems have been published in literary editions in Greece, Russia, Poland, Macedonia, Germany, etc. MIEREA POEZIEI Selectie si talmaciri de Dumitru M. Ion si Carolina Ilica, Fundatia Academia Internationala Orient-Occident, Bucuresti, Romania, 2011
    National award for poetical debut Vladimir Bashev for the book Thirsty water, 1984.
    National award for lyrical poetry Ivan Peichev, 2007.
    Participation in Festivals: Strugian nights of poetry, Struga, Republic of Macedonia
    International writers meeting in Sofia 2005, 2006;
    Originator and organizator of the international meetings of Slavic poets Sacred speech in Burgas from 2007 onwards as a head of Art salon Karo.

    PUBLISHED BOOKS: THIRSTY WATER. Poems, Plovdiv, Hr. G. Danov, 1984
    (National award for poetical debut Vladimir Bashev)
    BIOGRAPHY OF FEELINGS. Poems, Varna, Galacy, 1990
    LITERARY GAMES WITH CHILDREN - psychology of the art process of children; Co-author: Krasimir Kunchev, Sofia, National youth, 1988;
    INK AURA. Poems /artist: Rumen Mihailov/, Burgas, Writers union, 1999
    METAPHORS. Poems /with coloured illustrations artist- Rumen Mihailov, Shumen, Publishing house Shumen, 1996
    POEMSACRIFICES Poems, with coloured illustrartions, artist Jeko Stoyanov, Burgas, Demarage, 2003.
    LITERARY GAMES WITH CHILDREN - Psychology of the art process among children 2-nd edition revised and expanded. Co-author: Krasimir Kunchev, Burgas, Libra Scorp, 2005.
    FARAWAY DYPTIH. Poems, artist: Rumen Mihailov, Burgas, Libra Scorp, 2006
    TIMES. Three Bulgarian poetesses and one Macedonian artist Kerana Angelova, Kalina Telianova, Roza Boyanova /artist: Toni Chatleski/, Publishing house Ab, Sofia, 2007;
    THE HONEY OF POETRY Selected poems, Sofia, Bulgarian writer 2008.