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    Tractus Gastrointestinalis, I Love You, I hate you!

    Consumers Apocalypse

    size of each panel 11 x 18 cm.
    Cardboard, paper, fiber, can openers, inks, watercolors,
    painted toilet paper roll and cutlery
    Collection of Espacio C, Center for contemporary arts, Santander, Cantabria, Spain

       I like to observe - people I meet and get familiar with. To examine them and learn from them. And I know various (secret) ways to do it.

       Some people are keeping their minds and feelings perfectly in hand, other go into them without control, another seem to live with unbearable lightness of being.

       But it really exists a special sort of incredible cutes they are fighting for a sit in public transport facilities, belching around garlic aroma and their minds are busy only with the thought for food and eating. Men are regularly watching football games, while women embroider gobelins. Their favorite newspapers are yellow tabloids. Every day they are doing some inessential job, than going back home not to miss the soap operas on TV. And at the end it turns out that their whole life has gone through the lavatory pan.

       I call these guys tractus and frankly speaking, I feel a little bit envious! Nothing can excite or hurt them, they never worry or hurry, they have no doubts or remorse.

       To you, my dear tractus gastrointestinalis, Gods creatures, I dedicate my work,

    Yours, Elena