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    Labeling – A Throw Of The Dice

    2004, Morelia, Michoacan, MEXICO
    various size, max. height 10 cm.
    Fired clay, acrylic colors, varnish, textile, nails, paper, metal, thread

    "We have a caste system now of intelligence. We say we’re equal, but we’re not.
    We have great difference in our potential. Those who have been
    victims of bad through of the genetic dice haven’t had the same opportunities
    as those who are bright.
    And I worry about those with bad futures."

    James Watson
    1953 Nobel prize in science – discovery of the molecule of heredity:
    the DNA double helix

       Artists observe and analyze all events trying to give the facts more abstract or deeply emotional interpretations than the pure science can. Visual art stepped beyond the narrow frames of commonly accepted aesthetics and simple beauty, and “acts” as researcher of the evident and the unknown. Art attempts to answer questions that appear important for more and more people. It rather inspires and provoke new points of view, ideas, sentiments, ways of observation, of analysis and synthesis. It doesn’t respect any system’s rules that exclude any varieties and differences. Art’ consumers are not only passive viewers, but take a role in the whole process of creating and building up the work: often intentionally provoked by the artist or sometimes spontaneously reaching the author’s idea. An artworks should be aimless and senseless without close relation between artist and audience; without mutual exchange of ideas, views, opinions and information, that help to build contacts or to break them, to turn the art piece into a visual proof of the moment, or into a process of common knowledge.

       We break all rules, and shatter the accumulated prejudices - but there are some that emerge eternal and unbreakable. THE RULES OF LIFE. I expect one closer look at the life changes, we are used to be with every day and can not notice and realize clear enough.

       At the same time we all have the bad habit to label the others, without getting into a more profound contact. The colourful variety of the world around is just an excuse for lack of time and understanding, to avoid or escape from reality.

       The LIFE CYCLES. The psychological states and crises we go through. The UNEQUALITY, biological or social. Our significant relations and nissed chances. That’s what I am interested in.

       Our inmost wishes and desires. Secret thoughts and dreams.

    Elena Panayotova

    More pictures from the exhibition - here.